Terms and Conditions 

  These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.

 All Quotations are valid for 14 days from the Quotation date. After expiry if the Quotation has not been taken up a new   Quotation will be required.

 Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning are separate services. 

 In the event a carpet deep clean reveals a stubborn stain requiring specialist treatment and more time on the job an       additional charge may be made, agreed by MB and the Customer before extra work is carried out.

 Our Operative/s will move sofas, chairs and light furniture, however we ask that Breakables, Pianos, Large and 

 Heavy furniture, Dining Tables, Cabinets, Dressers, Beds, Electrical items such as TV's/stands, Stereos, and valuable items be   removed prior to the commencement of work, if those areas require cleaning.

 We do not operate an on-line estimate system. Our experienced surveyor will visit by appointment and supply a free no   obligation Quotation on or after viewing the job. All jobs are unique and so should your Quotation be ~  Just for you!


 On the day of booking, we ask for full payment either by, Cash, Card or Bank Transfer.

 Cancellations - Should you wish to make a cancellation or reschedule the work we require 48 hours prior notice, if less   payment in full will still be required. 


 MB, its Operatives or Staff will not be held responsible or liable for any delays or cancellation of service due to unexpected   circumstances what ever they may be. Should this occur then arrangements will be made to commence the work as soon as   possible.


 In the event that conditions in the property are considered to be unsafe or dangerous for our operatives Health,

 we reserve the right not to commence work. It is the Customers responsibility to provide a safe working environment for our   Operatives.

 The Customer is requested to ensure adequate access is granted and available to the property on the agreed working days.

 Should you be dissatisfied with our service you should contact us within 48 hours of completion giving full details.

 We will be pleased to discus the matter with you to resolve any issues.

 In the unlikely event that any damage is caused by our Operatives, we will undertake a full investigation and if found   negligent will repair or replace the item/s to agreed limits.

 Our Operatives will require a suitable parking area for their vehicle/s, ie; room to be able to open all doors to access required   equipment - Please advise us at the time of our Survey if there are any issues with parking or access.

 We require you to provide Hot running water and electricity at the premises where the cleaning is required. If this is not   available we may be unable to commence work and an charge may be payable.



 To enable us to carry out the services requested we ask that the homeowners keep children/pets out of the   working environment for the safety of both our workers and the pets/children.

 * Neighbour Discount Scheme:

 This scheme will only be approved after inspection of both premises and agreed services to be provided - Please ask for full   details at enquiry stage if required.

 Please refer back to this page from time to time to check for changes to these Terms & Conditions.

 Thank you. 

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